They’re always going places – are they millionaires or something?

This morning I got an email from a participant at the Disrupting Poverty gig, which bought  a little tear to the eye….

Just a quick story – throughout the day (in particular the Leeds TIE play) I was thinking of the kid over the road who’s the “poor kid” on our street. Single mum, rented house, always out on the street, not brilliant behaviour etc etc….

If i’m honest my main thought has been that I don’t want him hanging round too much with my lad…

Yesterday we were out in the front garden (clearing it for more fruit and veg growing – with part of the idea that it’ll get us out at the front and talking to people).

He comes over – my lad was out, as were the other kids on the street. Chatting to us, I mentioned the boys were out. He said “They’re always going places – are they millionaires or something?”. Said how his mum’s got no money to do anything with him.

He spent an hour with us helping to clear the garden – and is keen to help us when we start growing veg (plan had been to get the kids on the street involved)

So I suppose I’m just telling you that story as an example of how things that what you did can be very timely! And it was a good challenge to me too…

So, if the Disrupting Poverty Day does nothing else at least it has made a small difference in this part of the City.


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One Response to They’re always going places – are they millionaires or something?

  1. Alan Mann says:

    Manifesto for Free Youth Clubs in Leeds.

    1. It is the ambition of this working group to achieve free youth club
    access for all young people in Leeds.
    2. That all youth clubs should facilitate fun activities and continual welfare
    3. That all youth clubs should encourage equality and diversity.
    4. That all youth clubs nurture citizenship skills.

    Young people should be encouraged to be involved in all aspects of running a youth club, and offer training to young people to ensure succession planning for future youth workers within the youth club set-up.
    As a working group we will be looking to encourage corporate businesses to sponsor youth clubs throughout the city of Leeds. This could result in new youth clubs or the sponsoring of existing youth clubs.
    Such corporate businesses to be involved in this scheme could include: Nat West, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Barclays, Marks & Spencers, Leeds United FC, Leeds Rhinos, Vodaphone, T Mobile, and many more…….
    Any comments and observations would be gratefully received.

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