A Manifesto for Free Youth Clubs in Leeds

  1. It is the ambition of this working group to achieve free youth club access for all young people in Leeds.
  2. That all youth clubs should facilitate fun activities and continual welfare education.
  3. That all youth clubs should encourage equality and diversity.
  4. That all youth clubs nurture citizenship skills.

Young people should be encouraged to be involved in all aspects of running a youth club, and offer training to young people to ensure succession planning for future youth workers within the youth club set-up.

As a working group we will be looking to encourage corporate businesses to sponsor youth clubs throughout the city of Leeds. This could result in new youth clubs or the sponsoring of existing youth clubs.

Such corporate businesses to be involved in this scheme could include: Nat West, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Barclays, Marks & Spencers, Leeds United FC, Leeds Rhinos, Vodaphone, T Mobile, and many more…….

Any comments and observations would be gratefully received.  How we start to turn this into action?


About Mike Chitty

Trainer, consultant, management, performance improvement, entrepreneurship and small business expert.
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2 Responses to A Manifesto for Free Youth Clubs in Leeds

  1. holland11 says:

    I am wondering how this will be impacted upon now that the Coalition Government have announced that secondary schools in England & Wales are to open up their sporting facilities over the weekends, and be encouraged to organise community sports. It is also a shame that all the hard work I put into the manifesto has not yealded a single reply. Do I take it that those who were sat at the table just left and called it a day???

    • Mike Chitty says:

      I think that we must be able to do something using school facilities to provide more opportunities for sport etc. However such initiatives usually founder on the detail….
      I wouldn’t worry too much about replies – I have not pushed this site very hard! I kow that some of the youth organisations involved on the first day are already seeing some progress from the networks. I am also sure that we have raised awareness of this as an issue.

      Hope to see you on Jan 20th…

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