Update from Ben Fisher on The Fuel Poverty Project

At the last Dispov Leeds, Fuel Poverty was my big issue: if you’re spending a large proportion of your income on energy bills, a reduction will allow you a bit more financial flexibility.

With schemes such as “Wrap Up Leeds” offering free home insulation, I thought it could be as simple as gathering volunteers to take these schemes to areas that would really see the benefit. After several conversations with Nick Morgan from C.A.B we’ve set off trying to find the best way to make it happen. The focus will be on getting information about free home insulation to the homes that need it, and encouraging people to take up the offer.

We are investigating two possibilities:

  1. Providing volunteer support for existing schemes operating in Leeds – for this, it is just a case of assessing the demand.
  2. Setting up short-term collaborations in specific areas with other interested groups – this is what we’re currently looking at, getting advice from schemes that have done similar work in the past to see how it would work.

So far the main barrier, as always it seems, is time. Initially I looked into setting up a new project through LUU, with training provided by Leeds City Council’s “Hotspots” scheme, but this is currently on hold until we find more capacity to look into it properly. For now, though, I think at least one of the two actions above could be very fruitful.”


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