John Sentamu on Tackling Poverty


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One Response to John Sentamu on Tackling Poverty

  1. Jane Johnston says:

    It’s not often I agree with the church but I can identify with much of what John has to say. Only this morning I reflected that very little has changed in my life in the current economic crisis. A little tightening of the proverbial belt and some real agonising about booking in for a good hair cut for the first time in over 18 months v buying the new footwear I desperately need. But what is that compared to ‘shall I feed the electric meter v shall I feed the kids’, if there is any money for either?
    I’ve been guilty of shelving work experience schemes whilst things have been busy at work during the merger process. The latest programme supports young people for just 6 weeks and that’s a lot of investment in training for little practical return. However, I’ve also missed out on that extra hand around the place and the buzz of a youthful presence. Time to get back on track after our final office move next week and start supporting work experience for the younger generation once more. Our 1st trainee is onto her 2nd employed position, our 2nd was not particularly enthralled and felt rail-roaded into the experience, our 3rd underwent a massive boost in confidence and demonstrated great dedication under difficult personal circumstances and the 4th is planing to take a host of new skills back to their homeland. On reflection, 3 out of 4 is not a bad success rate.
    I haven’t got the resources to help anyone financially, but I can do my bit in the workplace.
    I’m looking forward to meeting more people, this Friday morning, dedicated to Disrupting Poverty in Leeds, to see if there is anything further I can do to help.
    Will you join us? The smallest gesture or even a good idea can make the greatest difference to the quality of other peoples lives.

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