An Update from The Peoples Power….

Sorry none of us from the PeoplesPower can join you in Leeds today.
The PeoplesPower would love to work with community organisations in Leeds to help people benefit from lower fuel bills.  
Why encourage households to Switch?
For the majority of small households that have not switched supplier in the last 3 years (thats most of them) there are savings of about £100 – 200 per household if we can help them switch to a better tariff.
Why collective switching?
The opposition from energy suppliers to collective switching is breaking down with collective switches now spreading to many local areas.  The last collective switch (in South Lakeland) was won by Ovo energy – a company that previously declined to participate in collective switching.
Why thePeoplesPower?
– not for profit Community Interest Company committed to helping households be richer and more empowered
– transparent business model and all fees declared
– any income above running costs invested into community energy projects
– evolving model based on the learning from the last year
– committed to getting the best deal for households (rather than chasing highest possible commission)
– will share revenue from referral fees with partner organisations
Why do we want to work with community organisations in Leeds?
– need to be able to reach beyond “the switching classes” – the people who will benefit most will not have regularly switched – Leeds based community organisations can reach these people (while thePeoplesPower on their own cannot)
– more ideas, more reach, more power – together we are stronger!
Sign up or find out more
For answers to questions on switching energy suppliers

Joe, Lani, Mike and Stewart

the team at thePeoplesPower

About Mike Chitty

Trainer, consultant, management, performance improvement, entrepreneurship and small business expert.
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